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MT4 Tips and Tricks

Below are the standard Hotkeys in MetaTrader 4. To add other hotkeys to indicators, scripts or experts go to the Navigator window (Ctrl-N) and right clicking on almost anything. Let’s see the example with Accumulation indicator within the Navigator windows.

A pop-up menu appears with the option to “Set hotkey”. Click this option and a list of available features you can apply hotkeys to will appear.

Here are the default hotkeys in MT4:

Left arrow — scroll  left

Right arrow — scroll right

Up arrow — quickly scroll  left, or scroll upwards if chart is scaled

Down arrow — quickly scroll  right, or scroll downwards if chart is scaled

Page Up — scroll a whole screen to the left

Page Down — scroll a whole screen to the right;

Home — move the chart to a starting point

End — move the chart to most recent point

” (minus sign) –  zoom out

+”  (plus sign) –  zoom in

Enter — open the box to enter a specific time or date for viewing

Esc — close any dialog window

F1 — open the Userguide

F2 — open the History Center window

F3 — open the Global Variables”window

F4 — open MetaEditor

F5 — switch to the next profile

F6 — call the “Tester” dialog window for testing the expert attached to the chart window

F7 — call the properties dialog window of the expert attached to their chart window, in order to change its settings

F8 — call the chart setup dialog window, allowing basic chart parameters, colors, etc to be changed

F9 — call the “New Order” window, allowing the entry of market, limit, stop orders

F10 — open the “Popup prices” window

F11 — enable/disable full screen mode

F12 — scroll one bar to the left

Alt+1 — display the chart as OHLC bars

Alt+2 — display the chart as OHLC candlesticks

Alt+3 — display the chart as a line

Alt+A — copy all test/optimization results onto the clipboard

Alt+W — call the chart management window

Alt+F4 — exit the program

Ctrl+A — arrange all indicator window heights by default

Ctrl+B — call the “Objects List” dialog window

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert — copy to the clipboard

Ctrl+D — open/close the Data Window

Ctrl+E — enable/disable the attached expert advisor

Ctrl+F — switch to Crosshair mode

Ctrl+G — show/hide the vertical/horizontal grid

Ctrl+H — show/hide the OHLC line

Ctrl+I — call the Indicators List dialog window

Ctrl+L — show/hide volume data on the main chart

Ctrl+M — open/close the Market Watch window

Ctrl+N — open/close the Navigator window

Ctrl+O — open the Setup window

Ctrl+P — print the chart

Ctrl+R — open/close the “Tester” window

Ctrl+S — save the chart prices to file extensions: “CSV”, “PRN” or “HTM”

Ctrl+T — open/close the Terminal window

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 — close the chart window that’s currently in focus

Ctrl+Y— show/hide date (period) separators

Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace — undo object deletions in the reverse order they occurred

Ctrl+F6 — switch to the next chart window

Ctrl+F9 — open the “Terminal — Trade” window and switch the focus into it, allowing trading operations to be entered via the keyboard.

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