FAQ Basic Document Questions (EN)

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What if my documents are not in English?

Zenfinex has a team available to translate documents in many languages. In few cases that an in-house translator is not available, you may be asked to provide a certified English translation of submitted documentation.

Can I send in my documents after I complete the application?

Yes, you may send a digital version of your documents via email to [email protected]. We also accept clear pictures sent via email through a mobile phone.

Why do I need to send in documents?

As a regulated firm we need to take steps to ensure the validity of the information on the application and to protect customers from potential fraud. Zenfinex utilises various identification and efficient verification systems to confirm the identities of our clients. Sometimes, if an identity cannot be confirmed, we ask for additional information to help us do so.

How do I know if you have received my documents?

You may send a digital copy of the documents via email to [email protected]